Banner Specifications


 468x60 Banner

Dimensions: 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels high
Position: top of page
Formats: GIF, JPEG, animated GIF89a, HTML 3.0; other rich-media formats accepted upon review--please allow 5 business days for testing. An alternate GIF file must be provided along with any rich-media banner creative.
Animation: Yes (3 loop maximum)
Maximum File Size: 12KB total

 Sponsorship Logo 88x31

NOTE: Only company or brand names and logos are allowable for this ad type. No creatives containing commercial messages or any other information will be accepted.

Dimensions: 88 pixels wide by 31 pixels high
Position: Upper part of page right of section title, newsletter sponsorships, and "Featured Section" on home page.
Formats: static GIF only
Animation: No animation
Maximum File Size: 1KB

 Product Feature 145x55

Dimensions: 145 pixels wide by 55 pixels high
Position: Shopping column
Formats: static GIF only
Animation: No animation
Maximum File Size: 3KB

Type Description Maximum Characters:
Product Name: 14 character max. (including spaces, using Arial Black font)
Product Description: 20 character max. (including spaces, using Arial font)
Product Size Description: 20 character max. (including spaces, using Arial font)
Product Price: 7 character max. (including dollar sign ($) and decimal (.)
Border: The border shown here is for illustrative purposes only. No border is needed in the image.

Other Specifications

Third-Party Ad Serving: does allow third-party ad serving. However, in order to maintain editorial and privacy standards, cannot accept redirects to third-party ad servers which implement cookies, and ALL 3rd party-served advertisers must sign the "no cookie" agreement. Please refer to our Privacy Statement for more information regarding cookie policy.

Alternative Text: 155 characters or fewer

Click-through URLs: Click-through must be active prior to the publication date; URL must be provided along with graphics. If URL is not sent with creative, the default URL, identified in the contract, will be used. The URL you provide must be able to be loaded by MSIE 3.0, 4.0 and Netscape 4.0.

List of Acceptable Characters in URLs:

  • Capital letters, A through Z
  • Lowercase letters, a through z
  • Numbers, 0 through 9
  • Special characters / ~ _ ? - # = | & $ @ + % ! * " ' ( )
    Any other characters will cause the URL to fail.

    Color Palette: 256 (or fewer) adaptive colors with flat colors chosen from Web-safe palette

    Animation: All animated banners (468x60 only) must be viewable in both Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE) and Netscape browsers.

    Units: 10 maximum in rotation at one time

    Note Regarding HTML Banners: When submitting HTML banners, please keep in mind that the <HTML>, <HEAD>, & <BODY> tags will be discarded along with any other code they may contain, including JavaScript; please plan and code your creative accordingly.

    Ad Submission Guidelines

    When sending creative via e-mail, please include:

  • Contract name (campaign identifier)
  • Submitter's name, number and e-mail address
  • salesperson
  • account-service contact (if applicable)
  • Creative start/end date
  • Destination URL for creatives (If URL is not included, we will default to the URL identified in the contract.)
  • ALT Text
  • List number of creatives attached. If sending multiple creative banners, send in a zip or indicate the URL address of a banner pickup site. **

    ** Please list in detail any special instructions required for contract, including replacements, additions and deletions of creatives. If sending multiple campaigns or creatives, specify in e-mail which creatives correspond to which campaigns and list which creatives should be scheduled where. Also include dates if rotations are to be changed mid-flight.

    Turnaround: Please allow 2 business days for any changes to active campaigns or activation of new campaigns. Allow 3 additional days for testing and review when submitting HTML or rich-media creative.