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How to use portable autoclave for Dentistry
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Heat sterilization is the most reliable and most widely used physical sterilization.

Portable autoclave. Heat sterilization is the most reliable and most widely used physical sterilization.

1. Principle
Heat will hurt the cell wall and cell membrane and its function to nucleic acid will lead to the death of microorganism, and moist heat will freeze the microorganism protein and lead to its death. Pressure steam sterilizer is designed subject to the principle of moist heat killing microorganism, which has advantage of strong bactericidal effect, and can increase the water content of the bacteria protein, make it easier to freeze and speed up its death process.

2. Classification
 Traditional sterilizer is also known as steam sterilization pot, which can be divided into portable sterilizer, vertical pressure steam sterilizer, table-type (horizontal) pressure steam sterilizer. As the precise instrument and equipment are gradually promoted and applied, which cannot bear high temp. thus cannot be sterilized under high temp. In order to solve this problem, low-temperature sterilizer gradually occurs.

3. Applications
Pressure steam sterilizer has advantages of novel and beautiful shape, reasonable structure, complete functions, rapid heating, thorough sterilization etc., and can be used for sterilization of surgical instruments, dressings, glassware, rubber, food, liquid, media etc. in medical, research and food units.

4. How to use table top autoclave
1. Disassmble the package.
2. Correctly place the sterilizer. In order to make it work normally, please place the sterilizer on firm surface.
3. Add 3.5L water into the sterilizer. Add certain amount of water after each use to avoid burning of the electrical heated tube due to water leakage.
4. Place the objects needed to sterilize to the sterilizer, leave some space between the box to ensure air permeation. Cover it and tighten the screw.
5. Check power supply type to ensure to be identical to the needed specifications. Insert one end to the plug of the sterilizer, and the other on the power socket.
6. Observe the pressure or temp. indication on the pressure meter. When the steam pressure rises to about 0.165Mpa, the safety valve will automatically work. When dropping to about 0.142Mpa, the security valve is automatically closed to maintain constant pressure.
7. After completed, firstly pull up the socket to stop heating up, then open it up to release vapor. Please do not open the cover to release the vapor until the pressure meter pointer returns to zero.  print
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