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Is a fixed dental bridge causing pain because it's too large? Can it be replaced?
I had a fixed bridge done, which required a crown on a healthy cuspid that never had a problem (I'm 57). The crown preparation -- despite the anesthesia -- was very painful. Now, two months later, I have the following problems:

1. Both crowns cause pain: a dull ache around the cuspid which I cannot tell whether is in the gum or in the cuspid and a gum pain around the other crown. There is no sensitivity to cold / hot temperatures.

2. The bridge's pontics and crowns are larger than my natural teeth and larger than the ones for other two bridges I have. These two bridges have crowns and pontics that are the same size than my natural teeth, and the pontics leave plenty of space for the threader floss to pass through. The new bridge is bigger and pushes against the gum, its pontics leaving a tight space for the threader floss to pass through, which at times it hurts.

My dentist told me that the pontics / crowns for the new bridge were made larger by the lab to fill the space between the gum and the lower teeth for proper occlusion. However, I never noticed before the space between the gums on one side was wider than the other side and I never had an occlusion problem with my natural teeth or later with a partial bridge. Could be that the pain is the result of the pontics / crowns being too large? If so, could the bridge be replaced?
Asked by marty on 11/3/2013 11:59:18 PM
Yes, it could be.
Answered by Prerna on 4/6/2016 12:09:24 AM
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