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Root resorption - ways of treatment
After several surgeries on my lower teeth my bite has gone off, which is now affecting my upper front teeth. According to my last x-rays there is root resorption, and the teeth are hyper-sensitive/painful. I have an appointment with a maxillofacial surgeon soon to discuss the possibility of having my bite re-adjusted with an orthognatic surgery, but my question is: is there a way to reverse root resorption, and - if not - what can I do about those teeth...will they die, or will they stay as they are? I don't want to have them root-canaled, because I've had 3 root canals in my life, two of which failed and I now have neuropathy from the attepmts to correct them, so I feel very anxious about this procedure. Thank you for your replies.
Asked by Oli on 5/17/2013 12:46:16 PM
Yes, it's difficult for you. But you must do as such your dentist suggests to you. It will be alright.
Answered by Prerna on 2/21/2016 9:00:04 PM
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