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My tooth is broken in half and on the inside is a pouch thing that bleed and smells. What is it?
My tooth is broken in half on the top so you can see inside the tooth cause i got a root canal. There wasnt anything in it before after the filling fell out a pouch or something grew in the middle and when poked it bleeds, and when i touch my tongue to it the spit in it smells like feces.
Asked by Alice Neuman on 11/14/2010 12:30:54 PM
Most likely the tooth is infected, you should have it checked by a dentist ASAP to see if it can be saved, or if it has to be extracted.
Answered by drj on 11/14/2010 12:43:17 PM
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You must consult with a periodontist in such a case. Dr. William can provide you the best treatment.
Answered by Prerna on 3/23/2016 11:06:25 PM
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