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My son ( 25) had all his wisdom teeth pulled but his jaw is still swollen and throbbing?
My son ( 25) had all his wisdom teeth pulled while he lived in Southern CA . He was gainfulluy employed & insured at the time, but a month later his jaw is still swollen and throbbing, and he now lives in Northern CA, because he was laid recently, hense no insurance what actions can they or should they yake to get help. * NOTE- The oral surgeon who removed the theet said that removal of these wisdom teeth was one of the most difficult procedures he's performed in 20 years. All post op instruction have been followed and meds have been taken . 1 post op visit and 1 addittional visit to teh surgeon was mad becasue of swelling and pain before moving to Northern CA. In all these cases antibiotics were perscribed, no xrays were taken, the DR. only opened his mouthand looked in. Thre's no gapping hole, just jaw selling and pain. I'm thinking major abcess. Please help guide me in the irght direction. Thansk You- Lisa Gomes
Asked by Anonymous on 7/11/2009 11:32:27 PM
Having pain and swelling after one month of wisdom teeth extraction is not common. The pain and swelling could be related to the extraction and possible complication as in infection or fracture in the jaw bone, or the swelling could be coming from another tooth, only x-rays and complete exam to the area will reveal the cause. I would suggest for him to visit a local dentist or the dental school in san francisco if it is close to where he lives.
Answered by drj on 7/11/2009 11:38:46 PM
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It's really painful. Take some painkillers and consult with the dentist for the same. I went to Dr. William when I was facing this type of pain and its really painful.
Answered by Prerna on 3/6/2016 9:21:03 PM
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