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I went to the dentist 2 days ago for pain and infection?
I went to the dentist 2 days ago for pain she said i have an infection so she gave me pain killers and antobiotics and told me to come back friday for removel yesterday i went back again because of the pain she perscribe me tylenol 3 with codien and valium now i have no pain just a swallon cheek this morning
Asked by Anonymous on 7/11/2009 11:28:23 PM
Well, that does happen sometimes, you will need to continue with the antibiotics, and contact your dentist right away, in some cases a different type of antibiotics will be prescribed to help in reducing the infection.
Answered by drj on 7/11/2009 11:41:05 PM
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It is the effect of the pain killers. The pain will again rise after some days or month. If you want to want to wait then once must do x- ray so that you can get the present situation of your problem. Periodontists like Dr. Neale can give you the right suggestion from my personal experience.
Answered by Prerna on 4/5/2016 11:48:58 PM
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